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As a professional individual, career management is one of the most important activities that you could undertake. As a primary influence on your happiness, health and wealth, it is essential that you protect your earnings and enhance your marketability to present your best attributes to prospective companies.

Personal career management is about individuals that make their careers work for them. Those who are proactive in managing their career are those most likely to succeed, especially where there is increased competition for roles and / or skill sets. In today’s uncertain climate it is essential that individuals protect their income and marketability.

Whilst we all know that change is the only certainty within organisations today, sometimes people forget that they change too. Financial reward, status, job satisfaction, work/life balance for example, may become more or less important at different points in our career, but these changes need to be reflected in a career planning strategy. If our career needs change but our job isn’t able to respond accordingly, then the tension between the two can become problematic.

At CommsResources, our business is dedicated to helping professionals maximise their chances of securing their next job and fulfilling their career goals. By working with CommsResources, professionals every day, receive multiple job offers for appropriate roles, move into a new role they coveted with a preferred employer within 1-5 months of working with us and achieve a substantial pay rise even where this was not their primary objective.

CommsResources can make a huge difference to your career objectives because:

  • We have the best team of Consultants in our industry
  • Our consultants have a deep knowledge of your industry and sector
  • We hold genuine jobs with the world’s leading companies


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