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At CommsResources, we focus on understanding the industries in which our Clients operate. We tailor our contract staffing services and permanent search and selection solutions to exactly match the unique requirements of each Client sector, drawing on over 18 years of recruitment experience to deliver bespoke staffing solutions that will help your business grow and succeed.

Our in-depth knowledge of the core markets in the industries we serve helps us provide tailored global resource solutions that aid and support our Clients success. CommsResources knowledge, solutions and partner associations are deployed to help clients across all key market sectors. We have considerable success in providing contract staffing services and permanent search and selection services to the Telecoms, Energy and ICT sectors.

Our dedicated centres of excellence provide specialist Candidates and skill sets to meet your recruitment needs. CommsResources years of expertise ensures smooth candidate delivery through HR compliance systems covering over 50 countries. We make sure all our clients achieve country entry, fiscal, legal, regulatory and taxation compliance on all their recruitment projects.



18 years dedicated Telecoms experience, successfully supporting our Clients projects with highly qualified and experienced professionals across mobile, satellite and fixed line infrastructures.


Vertical market experience that equals in-depth knowledge. 7 years industry experience providing recruitment services in renewable energy, power generation, transmission and distribution projects.


From software engineers to networking specialists, billing systems to CRM, HR and finance, 18 years experience providing remarkable to highly sought after talent that is in ordinarily scarce and hard to find.

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